News III: Eating habits & Nausea + a little hair loss

With nausea getting worse, we started experimenting on how to make it less severe through the use of a sea-band. Also trying out different prenatal vitamins and adjusting wifeys diet – whilst also noticing changes, such as hair loss.

Pregnant wife cravings
When your wife is pregnant, you become a “run-errands” slave.

So I’ve started reading blogs on what is happening to my wife, in order to better “understand her” (fuck delusions, you never will, but this will at least get you closer to it). I downloaded this app called “What to expect”, which basically is an app that groups all women and their husbands/boyfriends/no label/”it’s complicated”, going through the same stages of pregnancy based on the child’s potential “birth date”. Here, as a man, I tried to level with my brothers in arms, only to find that the majority of the boards were all very “female” centric. Still awesome insights in regards to what women are going through, be it weird cravings, emotional fluctuations, at what age women have conceived babies, exponential boob growth (brothers rejoice!) and so forth. It gives the whole community somewhat of a personality and it’s awesome to see all these “holy shit, this happened” moments quickly addressed through mutual research insights OR experience. Continue reading “News III: Eating habits & Nausea + a little hair loss”

News II; Let the Puking begin & First doctor’s Appointment (the Reality sets in)

Wifeys nausea has started in full swing, reflecting on past two miscarriages and going for our first ultra sound, where to my relief the doctor confirmed all was going as expected.

When your wife starts to get nausea and morning sickness
Nausea is a thing….

They say “becoming a mother” starts with conception, whilst becoming a father happens at birth. This I do relate to, as all I see is a wife that feels incredibly nauseous in the morning, then again in the evening and that sex life you once held in such high regards, gets demoted to ‘rare-pitty handjobs’, cause the nausea makes everything else impossible (and the risk is honestly not worth it… unless you’re into that). On our first doctors visit, I got an incredible insight to distinguishing a girl pregnancy vs a boy pregnancy. Apparently, a girl pregnancy gives your significant other (that being your wife/girlfriend/no label/”it’s complicated”) a level of nausea, no college hangover party can compete with. Whilst a boy, causing less nausea, does lead to “pimple outbreaks”. Both suck… Continue reading “News II; Let the Puking begin & First doctor’s Appointment (the Reality sets in)”