News VII: I’m great at Starting fights & Vet visits

Tidbits of packing our lives up for the US, Loki’s vet visit & my big mouth getting me in trouble.

pregnant wife driving
Pregnancy 101; Keep any potential conflicting thoughts to yourself when pregnant wifey is driving.

So wifey and me packed up our whole lives into several suitcases and we had to travel pretty far to get Loki to a veterinary clinic that was “international” – meaning, all the shots our dog would need in order to get admitted in the US  could be gotten there. Once we got there, we took his weight and all was well, followed by a bath and getting him dried. This is where it got problematic, because for some unknown reason, this little complainer hates baths, he refuses to go near water and loud hair dryer sounds scare him…. It was a nightmare and his complain yowls filled the office to the extent where we couldn’t even have a decent conversation with the doctor. Continue reading “News VII: I’m great at Starting fights & Vet visits”


News; You’re going to be a dad now (holy shit!)

The day I found out I was going to be a dad – Wifey showed me a positive pregnancy test & I reflected upon the day the conception happened.

that face when you find out your wife is pregnant.
You’re what>?!

It all started on a regular Monday (12th Sept. 2016), still in my deep manly slumber, dreaming of taking over the world in a viking raid sweep fashion – lifting my mead-horn and cheersing the homies in Valhalla. “Babe…..” – eyes squinted and head tilted to the side I was to awaken at an unfamiliar sight…. +3 weeks. “I’m pregnant!” – The rollercoaster of thoughts struck me, from – Holy shit, I need to adult now, to my goodness, we just got married, a couple of weeks ago I was in Amsterdam getting ‘next level blazed’ with my boys, shitfaced on my wedding day, after my ego gave in to a beer drinking competition with the tiniest asian lady ever. Long story short, I lost, ended up back in my hotel room (god knows how) – on the couch – waking up groggy, -opposite to a wife that seemed to question all her life decisions that brought her to this ‘not-so-glamorous’ moment of naked husband, incoherently murmuring nonsense trying to recall the shenanigans of the night before. Continue reading “News; You’re going to be a dad now (holy shit!)”