Week 23: The Dangers of Calling your wife Fat & Silent Treatment

Additional small understandings, waiting on our passports and more unfortunate news to start 2017


Sorry for the delayed post……..

So since Christmas, it’s been a pretty hectic two weeks. We worked on getting our Visas in another town outside of where my parents live, just to fix the final details prior to leaving to the US and A. “3-5 days and you’ll get the passports sent back to you” – In great spirits of having gone through the interview relatively headache free (we made sure to be prepared) – we stayed with some friends, since the embassy was in another town. Following the interview, we cruised around the city, got some munch, had dinner with our friends family, where we were quizzed on all things “how does it feel to be parents soon”. We were as always cautiously optimistic and expressed our ongoing excitement through wifeys pregnancy.

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News IV: Parents in town & wedding #2 + the road to Week 10!

Celebrating our “Asian” wedding and having our parents come over for another ultra-sound check, where we saw the baby kicking and exploring the idea of a genetic test.

When wife's belly is getting bigger, but no one knows if fat or pregnant.
That moment you don’t know the difference between “getting fat” and pregnant.

So the festivities of our second wedding went phenomenal. Tons of friends made it out and we wore our country’s traditional wedding attire and went through a whole ceremony. Here, culturally speaking, it is common place to go from table to table to drink shots with friends/relatives/’#whotheFinvitiedyou people and get absolutely hammered. Wifey pretended to drink, walking around with nothing but a glass of water, whilst me, being the responsible husband I am, took relentless shots after shots (and actually survived pretty well). I learned from my last wedding- (same lady – don’t judge) that if you don’t eat as much as you can to be full in as little time as possible (be it appetizers, because after those, you have responsibilities to mingle), you are royally screwed. Continue reading “News IV: Parents in town & wedding #2 + the road to Week 10!”