Week 23: The Dangers of Calling your wife Fat & Silent Treatment

Additional small understandings, waiting on our passports and more unfortunate news to start 2017


Sorry for the delayed post……..

So since Christmas, it’s been a pretty hectic two weeks. We worked on getting our Visas in another town outside of where my parents live, just to fix the final details prior to leaving to the US and A. “3-5 days and you’ll get the passports sent back to you” – In great spirits of having gone through the interview relatively headache free (we made sure to be prepared) – we stayed with some friends, since the embassy was in another town. Following the interview, we cruised around the city, got some munch, had dinner with our friends family, where we were quizzed on all things “how does it feel to be parents soon”. We were as always cautiously optimistic and expressed our ongoing excitement through wifeys pregnancy.

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News VIII: Christmas is all about giving…… to the baby

Christmas and the unfortunate realization that it’s no longer about presents for YOU

When baby comes, presents disappear
Baby – clothes + books + painting set (age 21 weeks), Mum – Pearl earrings (cause that’s what she wanted), Dad – Nothing…..

So, these last two weeks have been interesting. Beyond the funeral, carrying and lowering the casket into the grave and giving our condolences to my aunt, who is still dealing with the idea of being alone this Christmas – the whole experience did bring forth the notion that time is limited, which made this Christmas all the more special with family. In Norway we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th, stuffing our faces with apple filled roasted duck, with potato dumplings and red cabbage with loads of gravy. This, followed by of course my favorite part of the evening, where I get to open presents – only this year was different. Continue reading “News VIII: Christmas is all about giving…… to the baby”