Naming your Baby & How to be a successful Brain Ninja

A few thoughts regarding the naming process of our future baby. Winning the naming argument through continuous repetition (or brain-“ninja”ing).

picking the right baby name for your future baby
Picking a name – harder than you anticipated

So one day, me and wifey sat down and for shits and giggles I decided to throw out a few names for our baby-in-progress, all of which were quickly rejected, without second thought. I thought of superhero names and just overall “boss” sounding names. Zeus, He-man, Captain Planet and a few others didn’t make the cut. Jokes aside, I did come across a few names, I legitimately liked, but with those being rejected, I felt a little pissed, so just like all things in our relationship, I made it a competition. “FINE! – write down 10 boys names, 10 girls names and once done, let’s see if there is an overlap or who comes up with the cooler shit”. She went off into her corner, I was in mine. Continue reading “Naming your Baby & How to be a successful Brain Ninja”