News VII: I’m great at Starting fights & Vet visits

Tidbits of packing our lives up for the US, Loki’s vet visit & my big mouth getting me in trouble.

pregnant wife driving
Pregnancy 101; Keep any potential conflicting thoughts to yourself when pregnant wifey is driving.

So wifey and me packed up our whole lives into several suitcases and we had to travel pretty far to get Loki to a veterinary clinic that was “international” – meaning, all the shots our dog would need in order to get admitted in the US  could be gotten there. Once we got there, we took his weight and all was well, followed by a bath and getting him dried. This is where it got problematic, because for some unknown reason, this little complainer hates baths, he refuses to go near water and loud hair dryer sounds scare him…. It was a nightmare and his complain yowls filled the office to the extent where we couldn’t even have a decent conversation with the doctor.

Once done, when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it did… there is this shot dogs need called “kennel cough” which is administered through the dogs nose and Loki did not take a liking to it, lashing out and growling till 4 of us subdued him in a vice like grip… which you would expect with a bigger dog, but Loki who is a 14kg corgie – it seemed like overkill – but oh so necessary… further food bribes made the rest of the ordeal quite easy, because he didn’t even feel getting shots while he was distracted (the other shots were administered between his shoulder blades. Once all was over, we had dinner and drove back home, where yet another “misunderstanding” occurred.

At the time I was my wifes trusty “GPS” man on the road and at one point on the highway I told her to go for the next exit, which she mistook for the prior one (she didn’t take it, but abruptly slowed down – don’t worry, no one was behind us, but it still came as a shock). “Not this one, silly pregnancy brain” (apparently during pregnancies the brain shrinks a bit) – Before I even finished muttering the sentence, I knew I was in trouble. Conveniently with Rachel Platten’s “Fight song” playing in the background (“this is my fight song, take back my life song…”) she erupted “pregnancy brain? PREGNANCY BRAIN?!” I’m going to throw you out on this highway mister – SCREW you!!!” I let the rage run over me, as I decided to stay silent for the next 40 minutes. “Why are you pissed off now?” she snarled. In defense I responded “I’m just staying silent so I can’t say anything else that will piss you off” “Well your silence is pissing me off!”… I legitimately had no idea how to respond or how far I was away from the closest ice cream shop to reconcile our current differences.

For the rest of the night prior to going to bed, wifey decided to take out her frustrations in all manners possible. I was super psyched to check out the new netflix show ‘The last kingdom’ – which she flat out rejected, my gaming mouse was hidden and I didn’t have earphones to continue my awesome audio-book that I just got ‘Stiger’s Tigers’ by Mark Allan Edelheit (have since finished the first book and it’s awesome!). Not to forget, it was clear that I wasn’t going to get away with Loki’s nightwalk, who due to unknown reasons decided to produce one of the biggest and smelliest shits in corgie history… I was glad when the day ended.

Dad (my dad) reached out to us the next day to let us know he was going to come to Japan for a business trip, which he timed perfectly with the exact dates that wifey booked flights to head out to Norway coming up on the 6th of December. That means we have an additional suitcase we can force upon him (GREAT SUCCESS!) With all things set and packed up, we are now counting down the last few days of Japan until we will be leaving this country, that’s been home to so many of my memories growing up. Wifey’s belly is also getting bigger and she asked me to politely tell her to eat less, because she felt like she was getting fat. As the kind obliging husband I am, I prodded her during consecutive lunches, which in turn called forth glares and “stop telling me how to live my life” statements…..

I still can’t figure out this lady sometimes….


2 thoughts on “News VII: I’m great at Starting fights & Vet visits”

  1. Oh dadult, how I recognise so much of this, even if in my case it first happened approaching thirty years ago. As to men and women understanding each other? Well, the impossible always takes a little longer… I’m still reminded periodically of the short complaint I made about getting out of bed very early when son number two was due! Hang in there and keep the blogs coming.


    1. The ongoing mystery in regards to battle of the sexes will always continue. Pregnancy is a whole different dimension of “relationship management”. Thank you for reading 🙂


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