News VI; Things are getting Hella Emotional

Dealing with wifeys mood swings and planning our big move to the USA with a trip to visit family just before Christmas.

pregnancy glow? yeah right
Y u no glow wife!!!

Wifey is approaching week 17+ and I’ve noticed mood fluctuations more so than before. Signs were subtle, until blatantly obvious – she cries whenever someone else cries in a movie, gets angry at mosquitos and yelled at me for asking her to walk the dog and to clean up her munch wrappers, which are everywhere!!! This lead to her calling me an “asshole” and that I was responsible for her pregnant misery (“YOU DID THIS TO ME!” – whilst pointing at her belly and attacking me with icy glares). I bite my tongue and keep thoughts to myself (“no ice cream of chocolate for you…. “) in retaliation.

I don’t think that this is just because of the pregnancy, but we’ve been planning a big move out of Japan to head to the US, starting as soon as next month, just before Christmas. Meanwhile, we also have her crazy sister to deal with…. And by crazy, I don’t mean, dance on the table flashing tits – kind of crazy,  it’s worse. It’s the, I have 0 confidence, can’t formulate proper sentences, am socially awkward, constantly anxious, – make everyone else anxious, but pretend not to be anxious, have cut all friends out of my life, talk to myself, don’t read a single ounce of “smart” content, stick to gossip magazines, have a constant “deer in headlights”- look, think a pregnancy lasts for 12 months, never take responsibility for any of my actions (she could drop a glass and blame it on gravity), expect the world to revolve around me, lose my phone every 5 minutes kind of crazy.

Wifey has gotten to the point of more or less giving her the silent treatment in order to not stress out and affect the baby and I am somewhat caught between frustration and indifference that regardless of how many times we tried to push the parents, they are not getting professional help. Mental illness or emotional instabilities are frowned upon in Japan and essentially no one admits it exists, especially within the family. She was pretty much MIA over the last few days, since she said she would go to a school reunion, that never existed and ended up in some hotel flaunting room service and thanking an unknown stranger for the deed. Whilst she was enjoying her burger and chocolate desserts, family and friends were frantically looking for her and very close to calling the cops, since you can only notify police of a missing persons case if it’s been beyond 48 hours.

Anyway, after recovering her sister and the stress having decreased, we started packing up our lives again yesterday, because wifey insisted on escaping Japan to go to Norway and hang with my “more normal” family for a short time, before moving to the US. Just 6 months ago, we packed up our lives and moved closer to my father-in-law, since we were going to help out with his factory – all our things filled up an entire mini-van. On my last move prior to moving in with wifey, I was living in a 150 sqft apartment (I had to shit sideways because my knees would collide with the sink) and my whole life fit into ONE suitcase – so the minivan was a significant upgrade. We sorted out clothes to be brought immediately and clothes to be sent with some furniture in a container to arrive 2 months from now. Cause who wears shorts during winter on the east coast? (…. the answer is and should be… no one) Further disagreements ensued when i told wifey she had “too much random shit”, since she is a hardcore hoarder… and that she should disregard anything that no longer “brings her joy”. Long story short, nothing was thrown away and we are bringing everything.

Maybe an escape from the hustle and bustle from the craziness will be good for us – I really miss Granny’s food and once in Norway, we get to celebrate dad’s’ Birthday mid December, so I’m psyched!!!! Beyond packing we still have loads to do, including getting our little dog (Loki) ready for the big move as well. He needs rabies shots (again), an international health certificate and that’s it. I’m so thankful that US isn’t like Australia, where every pet by law needs to go through a 6 month quarantine – Since we are expecting a daughter and I will be battling for dominance in a household with two ladies, I need him there with me to balance out the estrogen even though he had his balls snipped at 9 months (… there goes puppies). He is the one I run to for snuggles when I get none from wife, so I insisted that wifey was responsible for making sure the entire move agenda for Loki was set because my bargaining tool was that we would stay in Japan, if that wasn’t the case. I’ve never seen her fix up appointments as quick as she did this one.

Anyway, still loads to do – but further updates will follow. I’ve been keeping track of all of the outlandish things wifey has said or called me…. It’s starting to come together as a nice collection, which I’ll share later.


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