News V; Boy or Girl… the Road to Week 16

Discovering whether or not we are going to be parents to a boy or girl and unveiling wifeys pregnancy to the rest of the family.

whether it's a boy or girl - that's the question
Cause mum is really pleasant lately

Throughout October 2016, we were extensively travelling from Asia to North America due to work related trade shows and client visits. Due to the amounts of radiation in the air, we were told that in order to protect your baby, you can get these radiation belly protectors, which I sternly reminded wifey to wear prior to getting on the plane. Even though we had to work a lot, I was proud of wifey keeping it together, even though the nausea continued to linger, like some dark cloud in a windless valley.

We ended up doing a few road trips, almost missed our flights due to my less-than-organized, yet still surprisingly successful father-in-law. After bouncing to the east coast to meet with a lady who owns a company that we may be taking over, the trip ended up in Canada, where we would relax for the next two+ weeks. The fresh air, cold weather and relaxing time actually really helped with reaching another level of zen, which turned wifey into a overly pleasant companion – no more outbursts!

She even entertained the thoughts of driving me to my “doctor”, as on a couple trips prior, I did get “medical marijuana certified”, because I wrote a long essay about how I’m anxiety prone, can’t sleep, have a stinging pain in my ankle and sometimes have a loss of appetite and hear gremlin voices in my sleep….. (I placed all my cards on the table). The doctor, who funnily enough was called “Mary”, asked no further questions and I was good to go to test out some of this Canadian product.

The two weeks were filled with catching up with friends, with some noticing wifey’s belly, which forced us into submission and unveiling the news, watching the US elections (*cringe) and driving from one restaurant to another.  Whilst in restaurants we would discuss where to eat next and surprisingly I finally had a say in these things too. Then we would drive back home, food coma stricken, wifey would go to bed early and I would use this time to do what any man does…. Take advantage of the North American servers “pwn” some noobs..

We tried to book a doctor’s appointment in Canada, just to make sure that everything was still well on the way, but getting an appointment was overly complicated, in addition to Canada also being a place where you cannot learn the sex of your “child to be”, because there are too many Chinese in Canada that have a very strong “boy” preference. Not to paint the whole massive nationality with a brush, but in China at least, due to the one child policy, which is now abolished, a lot of Chinese aborted girls, regardless of how late into the pregnancy they were in due to their strong preference in boys so their legacies could live on (through name, business etc.).  

As our trip came to an end, we scheduled the appointment with awesome doctor #2 in Japan again. Once we got into his office, we looked into blood pressure, weight and went back to the “showroom”. Wifeys blood pressure was relatively low, which is normal. The doctor stated that it is common for pregnant ladies to get up too quickly, get a head rush and black out (the hustle and bustle in Japan doesn’t help on this front either and adds to the stress). Once in the showroom, the invasive “magic stick” was disregarded (Expelliarmus!) and instead a gel was put over my wifes belly with a different external ultrasound device that could also render images in 3D.

The baby was a lot bigger now. We could see the big cartoon head, with the tiny body, arms, legs, the spine and heart. It looked like a really active baby kicking it’s arms and legs, similar to the nerd seated wrongly in the last row of a classroom trying to get noticed.

The Aws and Ohhhs commenced, only to be silenced by the doctors next question; “You guys ready to know if it’s a boy or girl?”. *drum roll…. The baby was cross legged, so we were told to be patient, because maybe she or he would unveil the biggest hint towards either being a Harper or Lennox down the road. “Open your legs” and like it understood what was expected of him/her, he/she opened his/her legs.

I waited in anticipation, because secretly I wanted a Lennox, but wifey was insistent on a Harper (There are a lot of shitty guys in this world… and the thought of my potential daughter to be confronted by one of them is one that robs me of sleep sometimes). “Well I can’t see a penis at this moment, looks like it will be a girl”. Wifey let out a celebratory roar, whilst I distinctly noticed the lack of conviction in the doctor’s voice. “You sure?” – “Well it’s hard to tell now, but on your next visit once the baby is a bit older it will become more obvious”…. *Lennox… there… is….still….. hope.

Both mum and dad on both sides of the family wanted to be informed almost immediately. Since we were now well on the way to going through a healthy pregnancy, we decided to tell our grandparents, who were beyond excitement. I scheduled a skype call with them and both grannys and mum (who had been forced to secretly contain the news for weeks – no easy task) were waiting in anticipation. “So, we got some news…” “X is pregnant” – so yeah, grandmothers have a sense for this. In Japan we told a few of our closer friends – which also lead into celebratory hugs and drinks (for me, not wifey, wifey got fruit juice of her choosing… ).

Regardless of Lennox or Harper, I was excited that again everything seemed to be running smoothly. To top the excitement, wifey was no longer nauseous and guess what came back into my life….. Sexytiiime 🙂

Prior to getting your kids, did you want to know if it was going to be a boy or girl? Did you secretly hope for one over the other…? Don’t lie and let me know! –


4 thoughts on “News V; Boy or Girl… the Road to Week 16”

  1. Awesome story! What do you guys do for a living with all the fancy jet setting?
    I didn’t care what we had. My whole family makes boys. Out of 27 cousins 1 one of them is a girl. It’s almost a given that we would have a boy. So, everyone naturally rooted for us having a girl. Can Dillon be the one to defy the odds?! No. Killian is indeed a boy. I was over the moon to have a boy and Korina quickly learned that she was a boy mom. Congrats on the girl =) and congrats on the sexytiiimmee!


    1. Heya, I used to be in telecom, now we are in manufacturing. It’s only been later this year since we started travelling so much. Once we are set in the US, this will drastically decrease 😊

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  2. Umm I’m confused about the whole Canadian ultrasound gender reveal?? I live in Edmonton Alberta and had no issues about finding out gender. If you ask, they will tell.


    1. Hi Lisa, that’s interesting. We were in Vancouver for a visit and three different doctors told us the same. They tell you after 20 weeks because apparently then abortions are no longer an option (I think)….


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