Naming your Baby & How to be a successful Brain Ninja

A few thoughts regarding the naming process of our future baby. Winning the naming argument through continuous repetition (or brain-“ninja”ing).

picking the right baby name for your future baby
Picking a name – harder than you anticipated

So one day, me and wifey sat down and for shits and giggles I decided to throw out a few names for our baby-in-progress, all of which were quickly rejected, without second thought. I thought of superhero names and just overall “boss” sounding names. Zeus, He-man, Captain Planet and a few others didn’t make the cut. Jokes aside, I did come across a few names, I legitimately liked, but with those being rejected, I felt a little pissed, so just like all things in our relationship, I made it a competition. “FINE! – write down 10 boys names, 10 girls names and once done, let’s see if there is an overlap or who comes up with the cooler shit”. She went off into her corner, I was in mine.

Friends of ours are a little bit later in the stage and this said the lady’s husband was soo into finding the perfect name, he joined forums, came up with massive spreadsheets and god knows what else. When asked why to put so much effort into a name, he told us “The future is digital, be it CV’s, social media profiles and life stories, a name is going to be subconsciously more influential than you think”. This struck a chord with me, as I’ve must of cold called thousands of people (during my sales job) and there were certain names that demanded respect over others and I subconsciously braced myself for the call with them.

Then there is the whole element of “gender neutral” names. A new trend that has started not long ago. Ok brace yourself for potential “unpopular opinion land”, but – As shitty as our world may be, I do believe that there are advantages of giving your daughters a more gender neutral name, whilst with boys – stick to the boys names (bite me, it’s an opinion, not a fact, feel free to disagree with me). Not everyone is as advanced in moving towards equality like certain countries in Europe or certain states in the US, so if this make-belief is true, it doesn’t hurt to try to help your future daughters out by not getting weeded out based on a “female” sounding name in the HR CV sorting process.

Having said this, there are a few names that I came up with that don’t fit this belief – but I tried to keep names shorter than 2 syllables and avoid names that kids can creatively shorten to embarrassing nicknames (i.e. the brits shorten “Richard” to “Dick”). To add to this, make sure that first names don’t coincide to linking up with surnames to sound funny as well (“Ben Dover” comes to mind…). Then there is the other element of names, ‘visually’ looking nice. Take a second name like; McDermott (classic irish surname) – this is a perfect setup for a name that either has double letters in the end and potentially throughout – Darren McDermott, Todd McDermott, Cassy McDermott etc.  

If you do believe that names influence career paths, I did a quick search online in regards to the most “common” CEO names – have a look. The most common names for male CEOs are Peter, Bob, Jack, Bruce, Fred, Bill, Ron, Christian, Alexander and Don. The most common names for female CEOs are Deborah, Sally, Debra, Cynthia, Carolyn, Pamela, Ann, Cheryl, Linda and Janet. The male names are straight to the point, one syllable and mostly do not start with a vowel… coincidence? Linkedin went really deep into this if you want to see the breakdown by industry and so forth. As for the female names, I don’t quite see a “trend” – help me out if you do.

So given these opinions and due to us not wanting to go forward with a generic name (we did somewhat agree that we wanted a stand out of sorts), this is the list I came up with (wifey didn’t agree to any of these…. yet); For the potential boy-in-progress; Lennox, Logan, Clayton, Titus, Ryker, Myles, Kaito, Mason, Silas, Warren (additional highlight; Otto). For the potential girl-in-progress; Harper, Riley,  Kaia, Thea, Layla, Micah (additional highlights; Quinn, Rae, Parker). 3 syllable names for girls that I really took fancy to are; Amelia, Mariko and Natalie.

Wifeys chosen names were – for boys-in-progress; Mathis, Kylian, Leandre and for the girl-in-progress; Amalie, Nola, Aveline, Coralie, Anaelle, Louna. As you can see, there were more girls names as she is by now convinced that the nausea she is battling with everyday, based on our doctors theory, will result in a baby girl. As you also may have notice, there is no overlap in any of the names we have come up with,apart from Amalie and Amelia being relatively close. When asked what her reasoning behind these names were, I was told “I just came up with them” – granted, wifey wasn’t feeling all too swell at the time she received this question, so her answer was precise and informative…

For the sake of remaining anonymous, I don’t want to add my surname here, but I did make sure that the word-flow worked nicely from first to second linking into the surname that starts with an “M”. Alas…. I may be overthinking things, but the fact that our world is going digital remains.

I’ve been “ninja-ing” my preferred names into daily conversations just to see if I can make it stick. “Don’t eat that, harper won’t like it” or “Do you think Lennox will like going to aquariums as much as I do?” – “I can’t wait to watch Disney movies with Harper” – Mostly these statements have been recoiled with eye-rolls and “that’s not what we’re naming them” responses. However, wifey did slip up a few times saying “Harper is making me nauseous” and mid sentence she would realize that I’ve won and quickly turn silent. My ninja-ing is working…..

I think that there will be three sort of camps when it comes to the naming process – the “I’ll name her/him when I first see them” to the “I will meticulously plan every letter combination possible to make sure I don’t have ‘naming regret’ down the road” and the last camp “Holy shit, we have to name it?”.  

Which camp will you join? – t’is the question.


3 thoughts on “Naming your Baby & How to be a successful Brain Ninja”

  1. Nola Rae or Nola Parker
    Leandre Ryker also, I love the name Silas.

    We always had to practice yelling the name when we chose our sons name. Does it sound good when you’re shouting it across an open field? When you need to get their attention?

    KILLIAN JAYMES BIEMESDERFER?! (Has a very distinctive ring to it)

    As far as finalizing a name. Korina in about the 7th month had a strong feeling about the type of kid we were going to have just from feeling him kick around. Plus we got a 4D ultra sound to see him about a month before. I suggest getting the 4D, its really cool and can help you really lock down the name, it did for us!

    Man, I am really enjoying your blog and the thoughts you are putting out in the world! I am so happy you found my little “where are the dad blogs” post!



    1. Hey buddy! Love the idea of shouting it in the field, as I am sure there will be “lost” kid moments in Disneyland and shopping malls eventually… I’ll practice it tomorrow as it’s 1:03 am in Japan right now 😛 thanks for the follow…. I look forward to reading more about your journey as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Altogether we discussed the name of our first child for about six months. The second one we discussed for about an hour – we were a little more nonchalant (tired) second time round!

    Liked by 1 person

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