News IV: Parents in town & wedding #2 + the road to Week 10!

Celebrating our “Asian” wedding and having our parents come over for another ultra-sound check, where we saw the baby kicking and exploring the idea of a genetic test.

When wife's belly is getting bigger, but no one knows if fat or pregnant.
That moment you don’t know the difference between “getting fat” and pregnant.

So the festivities of our second wedding went phenomenal. Tons of friends made it out and we wore our country’s traditional wedding attire and went through a whole ceremony. Here, culturally speaking, it is common place to go from table to table to drink shots with friends/relatives/’#whotheFinvitiedyou people and get absolutely hammered. Wifey pretended to drink, walking around with nothing but a glass of water, whilst me, being the responsible husband I am, took relentless shots after shots (and actually survived pretty well). I learned from my last wedding- (same lady – don’t judge) that if you don’t eat as much as you can to be full in as little time as possible (be it appetizers, because after those, you have responsibilities to mingle), you are royally screwed.

After the ceremony, all of our “cool friends” moved back to the hotel, where we clubbed out at a bar that was heavily under-staffed (so a few of the gentlemen we invited took over for them). There was a band, with instruments and microphones, which we basically hijacked and a phenomenal singing competition insued. Wifey tapped out at 11pm, leaving me alone with all of our friends, whose priorities were nothing more than to make sure ‘I had a great time’. By “great time” I mean jagerbombs, whiskey shots, champaign, miscellaneous etc. Motivated and slightly tipsy we moved the party to Karaoke, where the golden oldies such as the Beatles and Bee Gees made an appearance, followed by timeless pieces such as “Rap God” by eminem – which when there are 4 mics and 20+ people, 5+ drinks deep each was an utter overambitious disaster. Long story short, I somehow made it home at around 4am – and all was well.

Since my parents from  came from Norway to join the festivities, we had the privilege of hoisting them around for a week. We spent 7 days, bouncing around different places and ended up with our doctor’s appointment at our final destination. Wifey’s baby bump has grown substantially and now resembles a respectable beer belly. It’s still at a point where strangers would be anxiety prone trying to ascertain whether to congratulate her or whether she’s simply fat, so the vast majority don’t take any risks and stay silent (very wise). Again we ended up in the consultation room, this time, with 2 overly excited parents (my parents) and of course, wifey and myself. We quickly ran through the changes, eating patterns and they took wifeys weight, which I’m not allowed to know – since dating her she has never told me and it seems like she will be taking her weight secret to the grave – btw, she used to be relatively ‘fit’ prior to this pregnancy. Anyways, after they took her weight, we were again taken into the ‘showroom’ (ultrasound room).

I basically shoved mum and dad to my wife’s head side of the bed, and in anticipation 4 heads were now glued to the screen. The now familiar ‘sac’ was in site, but holy moly, this time, legs and arms were visible. Mum was convinced that the little one waved at us and wouldn’t shut up about it for the rest of the day (yes, we get it, you will be a grandma soon). We got to hear the heartbeat again, which went off at an encouraging 162 bps. “It’s grown a lot faster than anticipated” – I was ecstatic. At least we were doing something right and wifeys sleeping habits paid off. After everything was done and dusted, we went back to the consultation room, where our next visit was to be discussed. “So, if you visit approximately early October, you will be able to see the sex and do a genetic test” – which we were told wasn’t too important if you are below 30 – to see if there were any signs of genetic disorders (disorders inherited from parents such as “sickle cell disease”, “celiac disease”, “bipolar disorder”, “obesity”, “parkinson’s” and loads of others I can’t even spell). Mum said that ‘back in the day’ they would have to use a huge needle and actually penetrate the sac in order to do the genetic test. I was relieved to hear that all of these things can now be done through a regular blood test. If you are curious in seeing what else this test can identify, I would strongly urge you to look into it deeper. I think it’s obvious by now that I’m not a doctor.

Due to the fact that none of the above discoveries through this test would change the outcome of this pregnancy (we would get the baby regardless), I can’t really tell you a lot about further details of how they are carried out – since we decided to skip it.

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